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Members' Page

Spring Term 2024 Dates

9th January to 19th March 

Half term: 13th February  

Concert: 23rd March

Choir Part Practice Resources

(See bottom  of page for Opera Choruses Italian pronunciation)

  A good way to learn your individual part is to use 'voice part practice'     facilities. Many of our choir members find these facilities useful so that

they can practise at home. Initially it's worth checking out YouTube to see what it offers, but below are links to a variety of specialist voice part

practice sites. 

  Choralia and John F. (see below) have practice tracks for

  several of the Opera Choruses we are singing:


  List of Practice Sites:


    This uses a synthesised voice to ‘sing’ your part with the words.

   The front page is very wordy ! To get to the music tracks, select "mp3               catalogue" near the bottom of the page. Find the music you want, then             select its symbol in the "listen to or download mp3 files".

Select your part.

   Your practice track is on the next page. You can donate here if you wish, or         alternatively just select 'Stop' next to "Ads Stop". If you've chosen the latter, you will now have to wait for the countdown to finish. You can slow down or speed up the practice track if you wish, and there are

other options as well.

   One of the most comprehensive practice sites and allows you to adjust the         tempo and balance but file download isn't encouraged.

   John F Rehearsal Site 
   Quite extensive. You have to register to gain access but this is free if you           only want to access out-of-copyright files. The backing is done with a variety     of instruments giving a good flavour of the piece. Very clear. 

   Contains practice files in the order they were created so you have to search around. 


notes 02 cropped.png
notes 02 cropped.png
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